The APS worker can:

  • Help provide information to the individual about their rights and responsibilities
  • Help the individual to receive the services of a lawyer including help with the process for making an application for legal aid
  • With the individual’s permission, discuss the situation with the Crown Attorney and defense counsel (Note: the Adult Protective Service Worker does not talk with the judge on the client’s behalf or provide paralegal representation)
  • Explain court proceedings to the individual during the trial process
  • Help to clarify for the individual, the legal advice given to them by their lawyer
  • Assist the probation officer in compiling a pre-sentence report or develop recommendations in the report.

When determining whether the Adult Protective Service Worker is the primary support in assisting individuals in legal proceedings, it is important to note the Adult Protective Service Worker is not to duplicate or replace the services offered by the Intensive Case Manager supports where they are available to support individuals.