The South East Chapter of Adult Protective Services Association is located from Oshawa in the east, to the Quebec border excluding  northern areas.  Renfrew and Ottawa fall within our geographic area. 

We follow the Goals as set out by APSAO  which are mainly:
* to provide a professional support system for APSW’s
* to provide a mechanism for advocacy on behalf of our clients by lobbying on a provincial level and liaising with      other committees and associations.

Individually (within our sponsoring)  agencies,  we provide case management, counseling, and advocacy services for persons with a developmental disability as defined by the Ministry of Community and Social Services Guidelines.  There is variation in how service are provided and program title but roles and funding are ultimately determined by MCCSS.

It is often difficult for us to connect but we do so at an annual spring conference event.  This is an excellent training opportunity at little or no expense, usually  open  to members and non-members.  We have the capacity to  video conference meetings and hope to conduct a few video conference training events in 2013 -2014.  Speakers will be available.

Our representatives within the area and attending the Provincial meetings are:
Steve McIntosh in Lanark County, 613-267-4200, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Danielle Quenneville
Rachel Hirstwood Judd

We are in need of representatives locally and who are willing to travel to Toronto 3-4 times per year and speak on behalf of the Chapter.  If you are interested, please contact APSAO.